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Sep 22, 2010
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I gathered some interesting web pointers during my web excursions in sustainability which I try to share through posts on this blog. But I realize that we don’t always have the time to read through long posts and decided to share with you direct pointers to resources on sustainability for quick reference. I hope you’ll find them useful to your own research and education.

Resources consist essentially of a timeline of events, links to other web sites (bookmarks), and videos on sustainability. They are always accessible from the top navigation on this blog or the margin on the right.

Learning from past events

At the top of this blog you saw a Timeline link which lead you to a separate page with an interactive diagram made of 4 horizontal bands. I have taken this timeline offline for the moment.

The top band contains no event and is used to represent the evolution of systems thinking. Below, you’d find a number of representative events which I grouped into 3 separate bands: warning signals, tools & techniques, and initiatives. You could slide these bands horizontally. The top band has a slightly different time scale which you notice when sliding the bands. You can click on any event to obtain more details and in some cases, a short video.

The warning signals band contains events such as natural disasters but also publications inviting us to reflect on our development efforts. Initiatives indicate both top-down and bottom-up endeavors to generate awareness and produce a change for improved sustainability. Between these categories is a band containing events about tools and techniques devised help us deal with one or another area in sustainability.

The data for this timeline is maintained on a Google doc and is easy to maintain. If you notice mistakes and/or omissions, don’t hesitate to contact me so I can improve it.

Pinboard bookmarks

I store my bookmarks on a service called pinboard and built over time a collection of links around sustainability. You will notice in the margin on the right, a block called bookmarks where I’ll display the links most recently added links. You can access my complete collection here. In addition, if you are interested in a specific topic, below is a direct access to the most relevant categories.

Other tags include waste, water, TNS, transition culture, SD models, socent (social enterprise), ecodesign or lifestyle.

While I generally try to remain consistent with this simple taxonomy, occasional errors in tagging occur :–)

Videos in a pod

There used to be another cool service out there which helped me curating YouTube and Vimeo material into collections. Unfortunately it has been sold and shutdown. You’ll still find my susty album on Vimeo. The equivalent on YT is a channel which is accessible from the Videos section at the top of this page. I tend to collect longer videos which include talks and presentation. But be prepared to spend 30 minutes on average to view them. Some of them take up to an hour.

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