Peak Fish Already Happened
Aug 19, 2010
1 minute read

It was in 1989. Overfishing was recognized as a global issue in 2002 yet our fishing industry still wages an all-out war on fish with a global fleet sized at 2.5 times the seafood capacity all oceans can sustain. Nice.

I learned this yesterday watching The End of the Line. A 2009 documentary on the state of fish stocks around the world and the impact of overfishing on our future. If you enjoy fish, make sure you watch this.

At the current rate, seafood restaurants will show radically different menus by 2048 according to studies discussed in this film. The EU, once again after the 2004 documentary Darwin’s Nightmare, comes out shining under the investigation of Charles Clover. Not.

Below are links to practical look-up lists you can use whenever you answer “Fish!” to the question “What’s for dinner tonight?”

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